Kendall Price

Vicki Martin

For over a decade now, Kendall Price has been working solely in the Senior Market primarily with products allowed under the Medicare health insurance options. Although he does life insurance, burial plans, and supplemental policies such as cancer polices as well, His major goal is to educate folks with information when they need it to demystifying the Medicare options.

In all cases, these all go back to his focus on the Seniors in the River Valley. He is certified under Medicare to sell Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Long term Care, Life Insurance, and other supplemental products.

In addition, Kendall initiated the River Valley Senior Alliance which is a group of individuals and businesses in the Ft Smith and surrounding areas to improve the knowledge and visibility of resources available in the area for seniors to take advantage. Kendall is also co-owner of Grace at Home Senior care providing companion care services in the surrounding area.

His day to day goal is to provide a simpler way to understand your Medicare options. It can seem complicated under Medicare but that is because there are several good options. These alternatives are designed to give you flexibility in finding the best choice for your individual situation. Education in an easily understood package to take home with you is the key. That is our goal.